Image Gallery for Shopify

Image Gallery for Shopify

Most of the galleries we used lack the most important feature we were looking for – it was to convert a gallery into Square, Portrait or Landscape mode. We contacted all of them but none of them said it was possible unless we heard from Cozy team stating that it is possible. It doesn’t end there. We were pleased with tons of features like effects, responsiveness control, captions, ability to add custom css which is now useless as everything I could think of can be changed! You can even change the box-shadow and this single thing would give you the extent at which everything is configurable.

Cozy Image Gallery

With Cozy Responsive Gallery, you can create unlimited galleries and embed it in your Shopify Store.

What merchants are loving?

5 stars average rating highlighting their excellent support and addition of requested feature.

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Image Gallery for Shopify

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