Redirect customers based on their Country


If you have read this post before, we earlier had a different app but despite many options, support was poor and hence we have updated this. However, Cozy’s quick updates with an excellent support have pushed it to my list. Considering it is free at the moment, I believe that this is the steal-deal.

What we liked?

We found that there are now three ways to redirect namely:

  • Redirect without confirmation
  • Redirect with confirmation pop up
  • Redirect with confirmation bar

Just like their app Cozy Image Gallery which is right now under our choice of “Best Image Gallery for Shopify“, You can customize the Confirmation Bar, as well as, Confirmation Pop up to your needs. We were able to customize the bar’s border, background color, text color as well as buttons shadows and text. We couldn’t think of anything which we couldn’t change.

Cozy GeoIP Country Redirect

Quickly and Accurately Redirect Customers to Specific Stores

What customers are loving?

Customers are loving their quick support and frequency at which they are releasing new features.

Redirect customers based on their Country

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