Why Successful Shopify?

We have handpicked the apps which will help you achieve the success. With that in mind, we are considering the following:

What do we see?

Get the Support

Ever stuck in an app and don’t know what to do? Or you wanted to speak to someone who can answer to you?

Love the Feedback

Most famous apps are victims of “Abandoned”. We will only list those apps which are actively developed!


Will app be really help you with the success? Every app slows your store so it has to be “worth it“!

Easy to Configure

Not only feature rich but also which are easy to configure apps.

Exit Pop-Ups for Shopify

Exit Pop-Ups for Shopify

No matter how many visitors you have, you would want them to join your mailing list. This mailing list will help you convert them later…
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Image Gallery for Shopify

Image Gallery for Shopify

Most of the galleries we used lack the most important feature we were looking for – it was to convert a gallery into Square, Portrait…
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